10 Modern-Era Title Reigns That Should Have Never Happened

10. Hornswoggle: WWE Cruiserweight Championship


Before he was known as Vince McMahon's illegitimate son and the Anonymous Raw GM, Hornswoggle held the WWE Cruiserweight Championship.

Not to be confused with the current title bearing the same name, this is the version that was previously known as the WCW Cruiserweight Championship. That's right: the same belt that was once defended in classic bouts between legendary performers like Rey Mysterio and Dean Malenko, ended up in the hands of WWE's poster child for bad comedy.

In fact, Hornswoggle was the last person to hold this version of a once relevant championship. He was later stripped of the title, as part of the illegitimate son storyline. From there, the belt would permanently disappear - without an official announcement - in 2007.

The WWE Cruiserweight strap hadn't been relevant in years and should have been honorably done away with well before the Anonymous GM's reign. Instead, the title was put to rest as part of one of the worst storylines in recent memory.

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