10 More Real-Life Wrestling Feuds You Totally Didn't Know About

These backstage WWE and AEW rivalries are more dramatic than anything on TV!

Eddie Kingston Cesaro

Some pro wrestlers just don't get along.

That's not even exclusively a wrestling thing, to be honest - people in all sorts of different workplaces have their little dramas and rivalries going on. It's totally unrealistic to expect that everyone will get on with everyone, and it's no different in companies like WWE or AEW.

Fans love this kind of juicy drama too. Fire up your Google machines, punch in something akin to 'backstage WWE fights' and watch millions of results pour through your eye holes as everyone debates who could kick whose ass in a real scrap. Or, in some cases, who did kick someone's ass.

Everyone knows about Chris Jericho standing up to Brock Lesnar back at SummerSlam 2016, or Bret Hart giving Shawn Michaels an impromptu haircut back in '96. What about those real-life wrestling feuds that aren't common knowledge though?

Sure, some reading this may have heard about a handful, but they're hardly as well known as Bret giving Vince McMahon a black eye post-Montreal or Scott Steiner mauling DDP in the WCW days.

As the announcer on Mortal Kombat yells: "FIGHT!"

10. Sin Cara Vs. The World

Eddie Kingston Cesaro

Or, as Sin Cara might hear, "Fight EVERYONE!"

There are several reports of the former WWE star getting into backstage scuffles with a few of his now-ex alumni back in the day. Sin Cara has reportedly belted the bejesus out of one-time Vaudevillain Simon Gotch, current AEW fave Chris Jericho and even Sheamus.

It's worth noting that the latter denied he'd ever been brawling with Cara, but some fans believe this is one of those 'no smoke without fire' situations and that the Irishman is just trying to downplay things. Jericho has also flat out called bullsh*t on rumours that the masked man knocked him out backstage following a verbal spat.

The Gotch one seems more straightforward, and there are (admittedly) funny reports that Cara bounced a Coca Cola can off Simon's head during one altercation. Some free advertising for Coke there; courtesy of The Vaudevillain man's bonce.


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