10 MORE Strange Times Wrestlers Appeared In Commercials

Bret Hart once worked a better match with an omelette than against Vince McMahon...

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Advertisers are missing a trick by not featuring wrestlers in commercials these days.

This used to happen quite frequently in the last century, when the industry was far bigger than it is now. Macho Man Randy Savage was once the spokesperson for one of the most popular snack foods in the United States. That just isn't going to happen again, and more's the pity.

There's so much to play with.

Snickers should shoot a parody of an irate, combustible CM Punk ready to scorch the earth before taking a bite of their product: You're not you when you're hungry. Snickers satisfies. Two World Title wins, carte blanche on the mic, and the choice to work whoever doesn't satisfy, but Snickers might. Perhaps Punk should have tucked into Mindy's before he faced the press. What if he was just hangry?

Ricky Starks could sell cologne. He could sell scented sh*t and it would still appear glamorous. John Silver could and should sell energy drinks. One in every two WWE wrestlers could star in adverts, getting people's attention, flogging some sort of robot vacuum cleaner: "We know life comes with lots of distractions, so let Roomba do the hard work for you..."

But which commercials - incredibly strange commercials - did wrestlers actually appear in...?

10. Bret Hart Sells Humptey's Omelettes

HHH Weider

Of course Bret Hart has starred in a commercial. The man can sell anything. He successfully sold for Tom Magee, for Christ's sake.

He couldn't do the same thing for Isaac Yankem, DDS, but come on. That's unrealistic.

He tried to flog something called 'Humptey's Omelettes', and somehow succeeded. In the advert, he works an Omelette match with the titular mascot. Because Hart is great, he does an effective job of conveying how much of a f*cker cooking an omelette actually is. Working out how hot the pan should be is tricky. Too hot, and you have to scrape the thing off; too cold, and there isn't a solid enough base to flip over. Just some oozing mess of yellow.

Hart builds the suspense of the high spot by struggling with the pancake turner before inadvertently launching the omelette into the rafters. In the end, Hart, always willing to do the job, suggests to Humptey that they form a tag team.

Hart recalled in his autobiography that Humptey was moved to tears by the quality of their match. Hart also praised Humptey for working with him safely.

"Not like that oversized gorilla, Goldberg."

He also tried to flog...

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