10 More Wrestling Gimmicks So Bad They Didn’t Even Make It To TV

It's off to the land of bad ideas for these prospective characters.

Bray Wyatt Duke Rotundo FCW

A good wrestler lives and dies by the strength of their gimmick.

The sport's history is littered with talented performers who never got their feet off the ground thanks to a bad character. Terry Taylor as The Red Rooster, Nick Dinsmore as Eugene, Mike Awesome as That '70s Guy. Or The Fat Chick Thriller. Wow, WCW really did Awesome dirty, didn't they?

You can thank the wrestling gods (not JBL, don't thank him) that the following ten putrid personalities were left exactly where they belonged - on the cutting room floor.

We've already done a list like this where we talked about PAC as Mighty Mouse and Batista as... well, that one is a little unsavoury. Probably best to read the original if you want to know more.

But luckily for you, wrestling has tonnes more bad ideas that very nearly made it onto the small screen. We've even expanded our reach to outside of WWE, just to make things a little bit spicier.

Aren't we good to you?

Get your palms ready, because youi're going to be slapping your forehead with them a lot when you read how these famous wrestlers might have looked.

10. Scott Hall: G. I. Joe

Bray Wyatt Duke Rotundo FCW

The late great Scott Hall had one of the best WWE gimmicks of all time with Razor Ramon.

A smooth-talking, toothpick-flicking, vest-wearing Cuban (even though Hall himself was about as Cuban as King Charles III), Ramon won multiple championships during his time with WWE and became a firm fan favourite.

However, things were almost very different for Hall. Different and in camouflage.

According to Diamond Dallas Page, a close friend of Hall's, the original idea for Scott's WWE character was for him to play a rip-off of popular army action figure G.I. Joe

Speaking on SK Wrestling's Bro Show, DDP said, "Vince [McMahon] told him he wanted him to be a G.I. Joe character. That was Vince’s idea."

Well, doesn't that make all the sense in the world.

Hall grew up on various military bases, so he had some connection to the proposed gimmick, but did WWE really need another link to G.I. Joe when they had Sgt. Slaughter right there?

Scott probably could have made this idea work, but we're glad he didn't have to. Imagine a soldier bringing a toothpick to a gunfight. That would be muy malo, chico.

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