10 More WWE Stars Who Desperately Need New Gimmicks

Triple H can rescue these WWE careers from disaster/boredom post-Vince McMahon.

Becky Lynch

13 workers/10 WWE acts should be giving Triple H's office door a little tap, tap, tap to see if the new head of creative has anything fresh for them. After all, 2022 marks the first chance this company has had to move on from one man's vision since the 1980s.

Vince McMahon has retired, and a three-pronged Trips/Stephanie/Nick Khan collective calls the shots now. That must inspire some wrestlers who have been toiling badly over the past 18 months or so. Finally, after feeding on creative scraps tossed from Vince's table, these men and women have an entirely new braintrust to lob ideas at.

Change is essential for them anyway.

Some of the characters you'll read about here are, in a word...crap. They're so one-dimensional it hurts, and many have been spinning from lame mini-feud to lame mini-feud without any purpose. It's in Hunter's best interests to try something new before fans give up on them completely.

Every single one of these WWE roster members could use a shake up. No, not a McMahon-style "Superstar Shakeup" (brand switch), but proper, thought-out improvements that'd make them must-see.

10. Shanky

Becky Lynch

There's just no way this big man can continue dancing.

WWE has an awful habit of taking "giants" and turning them into walking punchlines that nobody is laughing at. They did it with Big Show, they did it with The Great Khali, they did it with Albert/Lord Tensai (twice!), they did it with Braun Strowman, and now they're doing it with Jinder Mahal's mate Shanky.

He dances. Isn't that hilarious? No, no it's not - literally nobody wanted the E's only plan for Jinder's heavy to end up being him shaking his arse at ring announcers. This trite idea has Vinnie Mac written all over it, and it should be one of the first to go now that Triple H is in the creative hot seat.

No-one really knows what Shanky is capable of yet, because he barely wrestles. Surely improving his in-ring skills and at least trying to capitalise on his physical immediacy should take priority over "friendly giant" b*llocks that's clearly going nowhere fast.

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