10 MORE WWE Wrestlers Who Are Almost Unrecognisable Since Debuting

8. Randy Orton

WALTER transformation

There's perhaps no better example of a WWE wrestler transitioning from a young up and coming star to a bonafide veteran of the business than Randy Orton. Comparing where he began to where he is now shows two massive changes, with the first being how different his general demeanour is, and the other how different he looks.

The old school Orton had the same penchant for "killing legends" and generally being a bastard as his modern counterpart, but he had a far more muted appearance. He was arrogant and full of himself, which was reflected by his clean and almost pretty boy look. However, since then, he's gone from looking like someone who'd own a trust fund to a guy you might get into a fight with at a dingy bar.

Orton's sports practically the same ring gear, but, what's different is his body and mannerisms. Firstly, he's covered in heavily gothic tattoo sleeves, fit with skulls and all sorts of menacing imagery. Plus, his buzzcut head and beard combo make him a far more imposing figure.

In general, his switch to the more dangerous "Viper" persona changed the way he held himself and how he looked entirely.

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