10 Most Ambitious Wrestling Matches Of All Time

Outrageous farce and seven stars.


At the upcoming Super Show-Down event in Saudi Arabia, WWE is set to present a 50-man Battle Royal attraction, making it the largest field in company history.

Adding nine more men to the 41-man formula of the October 14, 2011 SmackDown seems ambitious in itself—and that it is without factoring in the Saudi General Sports Authority’s bizarre fetish for the elephantine and the ancient. Revisiting that weird ’11 bout now, it’s very difficult to determine quite where Hiroku Sumi factors into this; the match is a hive of indecipherable activity, necessitating the instant elimination of Cody Rhodes purely so that the hovering Dolph Ziggler can even enter. The rapid burst of eliminations obviously helped clear the ring, but it’s worth reiterating: the Saudis really like the New Generation and the enormous men who starred throughout it. Some poor prick is going to have to start the match on Babatunde’s shoulders. Surely, it would be easier for WWE to present a 50-woman Battle Royal, on the basis that the Women’s roster is comprised of smaller performers.

Why don’t they do that?

How WWE accomplishes this ambitious affair is anybody’s guess. We will have to wait until Super Show-Down, an event that is equivalent to or perhaps exceeds WrestleMania, to find out.

It may yet find its way amongst the pantheon of the intrepid…


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