10 Most Ambitious Wrestling Matches Of All Time

10. The Invisible Man Vs. The Invisible Stan - GCW Joey Janela’s Spring Break 3 Part 1


An unhinged thought experiment sprung from the genius mind of the Bad Boy, Joey Janela, this year’s WrestleMania Weekend banter standout saw two invisible brothers wage war.

The Invisible Stan had murdered his own flesh and blood, or so he had thought: the Invisible Man returned to avenge the attempt, and a grudge match between the two was set for Spring Break 3.

The Invisible Man and the Invisible Stan didn’t merely know one another inside out; they knew each other best, and this severed yet intimate, inescapable connection manifested as a furious exchange of rapid, traded pinfall attempts. They had grown up wrestling together in their own childhood bedrooms, in a more innocent time, and what a perfect, visual metaphor for that thinnest of lines between love and hate this was. This breathtaking clinic echoed back, almost move-for-move, to a time of play and of bonding. And now, these two warriors hated one another in what became, with a searing emotional heft, something close to a fight to the death.

They never could agree on who was the better technician, all those years ago, and they couldn’t on that night of April 5, 2019. The animosity was too much, and so the fight reached the balcony and broke through tables (!). The extra ringside officials swore later they were lucky to break the fall. They couldn’t even see the brothers, they fell so violently and so quickly.

But it’s the primary official, Bryce Remsburg, who deserves the credit. The man manipulated a molten audience reaction by himself through a bravura, perfectly-timed, flailing performance. The audience deserves credit, too, for playing along.

And people say that’s what’s wrong with wrestling nowadays.


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