10 Most Anticipated CM Punk Matches We Want To See

10. Samoa Joe


Old-school ROH lovers would drool at the thought of one more clash between Punk and Samoa Joe.

Between 2003-04, they worked no fewer than four critically-lauded matches in the company. Yes, they're older and maybe don't have the devil-may-care attitudes they once did, but standing across the ring from one another would bring old butterflies back.

If Punk agrees to wrestle again, he may well be tempted to shake off the ring rust against someone he knows will have his back. Joe would also be motivated by the match, and it'd represent a chance for him to show WWE what some of their stop/start booking has prevented over the past several years.

A deal could be cut with Ring Of Honor to show footage of prior battles at Better Friends, Stiffer Enemies and beyond, and that'd whet appetites amongst the NXT generation for the match. It'd also clue the emerging generation in on how good both were in their primes.


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