10 Most Anticipated (Unlikely But Not Impossible) Wrestling Matches Of 2017

Could we see some of these dream matches next year?


Fantasy booking is part and parcel of being a pro-wrestling fan. After all, we want to see our favourite legends face off against the era's newest stars.

WWE even made this concept a reality this year on the back of video game WWE 2K17, bringing fantasy warfare to life when Goldberg returned to take on Brock Lesnar in the Survivor Series main event; something we never thought we'd see.

And Goldberg vs Lesnar wasn't the only one; there were a tonne of unexpected dream matches which took place in 2016. It all sets the stage nicely for 2017 and makes us truly believe that we could see more of the same from WWE in the new year. With rumours of legends returning to the fold and newer stars currently taking the WWE by storm, we could be set for some incredible dream matches in 2017.

Some of these might seem like a bit of a longshot but given how wrestling's been in 2016, we're not ruling anything out at this point.

Here are 10 dream matches we think could actually happen in 2017.


Working babyface out of Mid-South in the eighties...