10 Most Awkward WWE Moments Of 2020 (So Far)

Squid monsters, pee throwing, what other moments this year have made you question choosing WWE?

Jeff Hardy Sheamus pee

2020 has been… it’s been something else. And wrestling has kept up with the rest of the world with regards to the craziness. In the six months gone by we have witnessed ludicrous cinematic brilliance, empty arenas becoming norm, and every other kind of insanity, along with some brilliant wrestling too of course.

And sure enough, if you are going to put on mad storylines and crazy angles, you’re bound to get a few moments here and there that draw more groans than gasps. For WWE fans, this year has seen plenty of uncomfortable, awkward and sometimes downright cringe-inducing moments that make you question your life choices.

We have had superstars going a little overboard with their tributes to legends, distasteful segments that tried to exploit a man’s real life struggles to fuel a storyline and actual, living, breathing, wriggling, squid monsters trying to eat wrestlers. Sigh.

Well now that we are here, might as well get on with it. Swallow a lung full of air and hold your breath, because we are diving headfirst into this flaming dumpster fire of segments. These are the ten most awkward WWE moments of 2020, so far.

10. Miz And Morrison Show Poop Animations On The Big Screen

Jeff Hardy Sheamus pee

It’s 2020 and somehow WWE still thinks it’s a good idea to have poop segments. While thankfully we haven’t seen wrestlers getting drowned in brown matter for quite some time, the excrement littered brand of humor did make its way back onto our screens on an episode of SmackDown this year.

The segment saw John Morrison and The Miz hosting a talk show where they started insulting Bray Wyatt and his Firefly Funhouse. Their big skit was showing a video clip of a bunch of “rejects” who tried to get cast in Bray Wyatt’s terrifying toy crew but failed. This included a diaper, who spurted out poop. Yeah… that happened.

One can only imagine the idea here was to make a metaphorical depiction of what Vince thinks of tag teams.


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