10 Most Badass Wrestling Threats EVER

9. ...And So Was This

Eddie Kingston

The Codyverse saga wasn't ideal.

It was a downgrade from Cody's sensational 2019, during which - and go back and watch those first Dynamite shows if this scans as hyperbole - he was considered the saviour of mainstream professional wrestling. A not inconsiderable subgroup of AEW fans had tired of his histrionics by 2021, and didn't understand (or wish to understand) that Cody performed situationally. It was ironic; Cody had insisted for years that wrestling characters should not be received with such a binary babyface/heel distinction, and when he finally managed to do so, the results were messier than they were transformative.

In a further irony, he has enjoyed another sensational 2022, in WWE, playing a trad babyface role.

There was a certain fascination to the Codyverse, and the run yielded several highlights - though the best moment arrived when his coach Arn Anderson wondered aloud what the hell he was playing at, which probably says a lot. His instant meme generator of a promo was incredible. Technically, mind, the threat was an anecdote. Arn said that in the hypothetical scenario of his being carjacked, he'd "pull out the glock and spill his brains all over the concrete," where Cody would meekly give up the vehicle.

Still, this worked as a threat to his charge: stop untying your boots and looking for sympathy like a bitch, or I'll give up on you.


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