10 Most Believable Superstars In WWE History

Believe this.

What makes a good wrestler truly great? What components are crucial in creating a WWE superstar that will be remembered for the ages, long after their days in the ring are done? There's the look, the promos, the in-ring work, sure, but one characteristic sets them apart from everyone else.


Do you believe what you are seeing? Do you believe what this wrestler is saying or doing? You don't have to like it, but if you believe their actions could be legitimate, that's something special.

Especially today, few WWE superstars are able to capture that feeling. Blame it on the lack of kayfabe, a world where every spoken word originates from a script penned by non-talent, the expansion of social media, or even a generational difference - there's numerous theories as to why fans don't believe in wrestlers today like they have previously.

Most fans want to believe. For those few hours, they want to believe what they're watching is real - no different than Game Of Thrones, The Walking Dead, or any other dramatic television show. The following 10 superstars allowed fans to do that with ease.

The integrity and credibility behind these 10 talents should be studied by everyone in WWE today - if they want fans to believe.

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