10 Most Bizarre WWE King Of The Ring Moments

9. Mysterious Raising Of The Briefcase (1999)

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Heading into the 1999 King Of The Ring, there was no hotter story than Steve Austin vs. Vince McMahon. As the situation had been stretched for almost a full year, the company decided to shoe-horn Shane into the fray, aiding his father and battling the anti-authority Stone Cold character alongside him.

On the pay-per-view, Austin faced Vince and Shane in a Ladder Match main event. The storyline called for complete control of the WWF to be up for grabs, quite literally in a briefcase dangling high above the ring. It was a dramatic match, but one that would include a plot point never really referenced again.

As Austin tried to grab the contract, the line holding the briefcase started to shorten. Moving out of his grasp, Stone Cold became exasperated. On thing that wasn't explained however, was why this same person didn't just lower the briefcase for Shane or Vince.

The WWF didn't really care for this minor detail, and it was never fully explained who was behind the conspiracy. The Big Boss Man was hinted at, but nobody was ever properly outed, glossing over a major pay-per-view main event.


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