10 Most Brutal Money In The Bank Ladder Match Spots

WARNING: Avoid all bridged ladders.

Finn Balor Andrade

Money in the Bank is presented as a star-making opportunity for any man or woman who enters the fray, and is typically used by WWE as a platform to usher in the next big stars.

As Jim Ross described it during the inaugural fixture at WrestleMania 21, “this match is a human demolition derby”. Good ol’ J.R could not have sold the multi-man ladder contest in any stronger a light. Initially a staple of WrestleMania from 2005-2010, WWE took advantage of the concept's huge popularity in 2010, by transitioning to a Money in the Bank dedicated PPV. Ever since, it has remained a hotly-anticipated annual tradition.

The multi-man ladder battle has become famous for both its lucrative prize, and the destruction that unfolds, all in the name of ensuring yourself a future World Championship opportunity at your own behest. With this year’s showcase set to be the most unique of all-time, no prophet on Earth could predict what ‘climbing the corporate ladder’ will offer. However, considering it’s going to end atop WWE headquarters, there is little doubt MITB will lose the traditional sense of brutality it has become revered for.

Nonetheless, no matter how creative the company gets in 2020, they have a tall task in outmatching particular moments of carnage from years gone by.

10. Christian Spears Cody Rhodes To Hell (Money In The Bank 2012)

Finn Balor Andrade

2012’s World Heavyweight Championship Money in the Bank contract ladder match was a battle of two halves.

Initially, this was a convoluted mess where each competitor attempted to stand out in hurried spots. Yet, the second half of the contest was a highly enjoyable sprint, ending when Dolph Ziggler claimed the briefcase. Whilst not ranking in the top all-time MITB classics, it was the better of the two ladder matches that evening, and was an ultimately satisfying affair that, eventually, played to many of the participant's strengths.

In one of the most frightening moments from the latter stages, Christian displayed his ladder match pedigree, with a stunt harking back to the early TLC days that subtly paid tribute to best pal Edge.

Cody Rhodes seemed destined to capture the hanging prize, after climbing a ladder and dispatching of Tyson Kidd. Things took a quick turn however, when Captain Charisma launched himself off a neighboring ladder, spearing Rhodes as they both painfully plummeted to the canvas. The spot wasn’t on par with Edge’s stupendous mid-air spearing of Jeff Hardy at WrestleMania X-Seven, not even close, but this was nonetheless spectacular.

It provided the veteran Christian with another standout ladder match moment to add to his Hall of Fame worthy career.


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