10 Most Controversial Randy Orton WWE Backstage Stories

10. His Shock Divorce

When interviewed for 2011's Evolution Of A Predator documentary, Randy Orton commented on how life as a family man had changed him for the better. The love of his wife and child had made him a calmer person that was easier to be around, and in turn his work life improved as a result. So it came as a shock when in 2013, Samantha Orton filed for divorce claiming their marriage was €œirretrievably broken€. As a result of the divorce, Samantha got to keep a bank account with $654,317, her $99,000 engagement ring, one of their houses, and sole custody of their daughter. Randy now pays $4,500 a month in child support and has visitation rights to their daughter Alanna. Most shocking was not long after this came rumours and speculation that Randy Orton was dating former Total Diva and current NXT ring announcer Jojo Offerman. The two were snapped looking quite cosy together, and for a while she was the only person he followed on Twitter. Many were stunned by this apparent coupling and their thirteen year age gap, but if it were true it was incredibly short lived as Randy Orton has a new girlfriend and Jojo is currently dating Vader€™s son.

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