10 Most Controversial Randy Orton WWE Behind The Scenes Stories

Don't leave luggage unattended in the locker-room.


He's at it again! Fresh allegations surfaced this week against wrestling's regular backstage rogue, suggesting new WWE writers were subjected to the ritualistic humiliation of being introduced to the Viper's viper - in other words, a case of blatant sexual harassment.

The story goes, as told by MLW Radio's former WWE scribe Court Bauer, that Orton would whack the ol' chap out, give it a few strokes, and then ask the rookie pen if they wanted to shake his 'hand'. When they inevitably refused, handy Randy was said to make overt threats to report their apparent insubordination to Vince and Steph.

So far, WWE have been relatively mum on the whole affair, simply stating they are "looking into the matter". But we all know the outcome; Orton is absolutely bulletproof. Holy water, garlic, sunlight, heck, even a vat of molten steel can't kill his WWE career off.

We've been here before. Orton's list of transgressions runs longer than a Kardashian's shopping receipt, comprising everything from minor photography peccadilloes and Twitter twattery to serious suspensions and steroid scandals.

But the toxic Viper's still here - it seems no misdemeanour can ever prove his metaphorical mongoose.

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