10 Most Controversial Randy Orton WWE Behind The Scenes Stories

10. Rash Photography


With WWE showcasing somewhere in the region of nine million hours of television every single week, it's to be expected that their top stars are bound to be recognised by camera-waving fans wherever they go. The majority learn to live with the trappings of fame, forcing coat hangers between their cheeks whenever they're asked to pose with the adoring public, but you can totally understand if sometimes, they just want to tell the photo-fanatics to shove it up their aperture.

In 2007, Randy Orton made good on such a desire, when he was apparently almost arrested following an altercation with a fan. Shaun Poff, a friend of the fan in question, recalled:

"My friend asked Orton if he could have a quick picture. Orton said, "Everyone wants a quick picture." Then he took the camera upstairs with him and proceeded to throw it off, down to the bar. Lo and behold his sim card is gone."

The cops were called, but the situation de-escalated when Orton compensated the fan $100, and even threw a signed autograph into the bargain, which he graciously made out "to Dipsh*t." Class.

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