10 Most Devastating Kick Finishes In WWE History

Nothing quite makes you hit the deck like boot to the face.


In today's WWE, where athleticism is at an all-time high and fans long for flips, tricks and high risk manoeuvres, a lot can be said for the more simple elements of wrestling.

That's why a finishing move that simply involves walloping your opponent with either your foot or leg is something which often brings a wry smile to the face of experienced wrestling fans.

The all-of-a-sudden impact of some of the best kick finishing moves in WWE is something which keeps fans interested throughout a match.

Knowing a match could end suddenly or out of the blue is often key to keeping a crowd invested.

Shawn Michaels provided the perfect example of this during his Iron Man match with Bret Hart as he brought an end to over an hour of action with one swift boot to the chin.

Other WWE stars have produced similar moments of brilliance over the years as some huge main events have been abruptly ended.

We can all swing a kick and probably all have done growing up. Certain guys just do it far, far better than we ever could.


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