10 Most Disturbing WWE PPV Moments You Totally Don't Remember

So psychologically scarring your brain blocked them out.


The rules governing WWE's traditional pay-per-view revenue have changed, but the traditional desire to be shocking and/or disturbing hasn't.

Monthly specials, modern-day Network-influenced lower price points or not, will always be host to the promotion's biggest matches, feud blow-offs and title changes. That's the way Vince McMahon has done things since the mid-1980s, and he's not about to stop now. The same goes for that aforementioned supershow eccentricity.

There are some famously shocking moments in the WWE pay-per-view archives, but most fans remember them all vividly like they happened yesterday. Mick Foley's bumps off (and through) Hell In A Cell? Burned into the psyche. That 'Boneyard' fun between The Undertaker and AJ Styles? Fresh as a daisy. Eddie Guerrero and JBL shedding buckets of blood in 2004? Iconic.

Then, there are the moments that slip the net. Not all of them are ultra-violent, or even physical; some were disturbing for other reasons, including some fantastically abnormal promos in between matches and one of the most awkward family fantasies you're ever likely to see.

Welcome to your doom, one you'd probably forgotten about...

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