10 Most Disturbing WWE PPV Moments You Totally Don't Remember

10. Santina Marella's Hog Pen (Extreme Rules 2009)

Did you know: WWE charged fans $40 to watch Santino Marella dress in drag and cover himself, Chavo and Vickie Guerrero in mud at Extreme Rules 2009. It was every bit as disturbing as it sounds, and it's possibly no wonder wrestling fans have subconsciously barred this one from their minds ever since.

RuPaul's Drag Race, eat your heart out.

The sight of Marella, as his "twin sister Santina", flaunting what his mamma' gave him and gobbling up pay-per-view dollars in a 'Hog Pen Match' was downright awful. No, not every match on pay-per-view needs to be a technical classic, but it's hard to know exactly who this was aimed at.

Credit to Vickie for roaring herself hoarse after taking a mud bath, and more cred to Chavo for continuing to let his WWE career descend into farce. This trio were far too talented for such played-out literal muck, and they deserved better.

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