10 Most Emotional Wrestling Matches

2. Chris Benoit vs. Bret Hart (WCW Nitro, 1999)

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Things got 100x more emotional for Bret when he heard the news that his baby brother Owen had tragically passed away following an accident at the WWF's Over The Edge show in 1999. WCW hadn't been a happy place for Hart anyway, and now he had to deal with the heart-wrenching fact that he'd never see his sibling again.

In October of the same year, WCW (to their credit) handed Bret the chance to pay tribute to Owen the only way he knew how. He'd wrestle Chris Benoit on Nitro in a technical clinic, one that'd give Bret the chance to celebrate Owen's legacy in the very same arena he'd fallen to his death some six months before.

There was emotion before the bell rang, to say the least.

Some may be annoyed that Benoit is here. To those folks, this writer says look at the bigger picture. This wasn't really about Benoit anyway. Nah, it was more about Bret wrestling a fellow Canadian on a night when he wanted the chance to look up to the heavens and say thank you to his brother.

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