10 Most Epic Wrestling Entrance Themes You May Not Have Heard

Synthesising brilliance.

Oli Sandler/The Ringside Perspective

Even in 2017, hopelessly lost in a deadening creative malaise - the prospect of John Cena and Rusev feuding two years later, having undergone zero in the way of character development in the interim, is bloody depressing - WWE still excels at entrance themes.

Bobby Roode's 'Glorious Domination', penned by the excellent CFO$, is the aural translation of the word "epic", performed by what can only be described as a choir of warriors. With it, WWE managed in ten seconds what TNA failed to do in ten years: present Roode as a genuine superstar. Shinsuke Nakamura's 'The Rising Sun' blast beats/violin fusion is the sound of the language barrier being annihilated. Asuka's 'The Future' is a three minute-long cruel taunt. The booking may be criminal, but the entrances are blessed.

There is much to life outside of the WWE bubble. More expressionistic - often far superior - wrestling matches. Shows promoted in a more logical, sports-oriented context. And, ironically, more variety with nary a stipulation in sight. This also extends to the all-important entrance theme, which, if used correctly, does as much to get a performer over as years of painful graft and painstaking fine-tuning.

Even WCW, rightly derided for its dime store bargain bin knockoffs of classic WWF themes and grunge anthems, was the proverbial broken clock...

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