10 Most Epic Wrestling Entrance Themes You May Not Have Heard

10. Riki Choshu - Power Hall

Susumu Hirasawa is a legend within avant garde musical circles - so much so that a (tenuous) association with the wacky world of pro wrestling was one of the less weird things about him.

Hirasawa, who composed this synth-based masterpiece under a pseudonym, was not a fan of puroresu. This was his guess at what "wrestling sounds like". If only it was. Hirasawa's vision of it is both relentless and beautifully ambient - an evocation of a late night teenage Tokyo joyride, with its spectral synths and juddering precision drum machine. Choshu's Revolution Army stable thundered through New Japan in the early 1980s. This, a bleeping, shuddering blast of hypersonic BPM, was the perfect soundtrack for that revolution.

Choshu was a hugely over hero of the youth movement in the mid 1980s. Though it may be a result of permanent millennial fascination with that decade, 'Power Hall' still sounds impossibly cutting edge in 2017. Imagine how cool, how futuristic, it must have sounded back then.

It works as a electronic masterpiece in its own right, with just enough swelling grandeur in the background to associate itself with the sport.

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