10 Most Fascinating Unanswered Questions In Wrestling

What MIGHT the Elite and the McMahon family have in common...?

Cody Young Bucks

Wrestling has to be the most fascinating industry of all time.

That might seem like an obvious and biased take - you're reading this, so you're likely to agree - but how many times have you been asked by lapsed fan friends what's going on in wrestling right now?

Some people still keep up with the product without watching the product itself precisely because it's so fascinating. Years - decades, centuries - after kayfabe was "exposed", pro wrestling is still a secretive racket. It isn't regulated by an independent governing body; as a result, certain tidbits are kept hidden from the audience, and they are fascinated by its forbidden closet of mystery. That the industry is worked by people trained to lie for a living only adds to the endless intrigue. Also, they are maniacs. Also, they exist to tease future directions in a world that never stops ever. Wrestling invites pure, rampant speculation, but has little cause to clarify anything.

What is the nature of the injury?

Did they say that line because they truly hate their opponent in real life?

Who pissed on CM Punk's chips?

F*cked if you know and damned if you want to find out...

10. Did The Elite Fall Out In 2019?

Cody Young Bucks

AEW was originally booked by a committee featuring Tony Khan, Cody Rhodes, Kenny Omega and the Young Bucks. It is also said that Brandi Rhodes held significant influence over the women's division after Omega's stint, which might - might - explain why it transformed overnight from a joshi-influenced scene to a vehicle for the Nightmare Collective as the big bad.

In a since-deleted tweet, Tony Khan revealed that he took full control over the book - albeit allowing talent to pitch and use their own expression within his framework - following the disaster that was the December 18, 2019 Dynamite. That was the culmination of a fairly dire, much criticised stretch of TV in which AEW went in a bizarre am-dram supernatural direction.

At its worst, it felt like the literal opposite of what was promised.

Dark Twitter whispers suggest that Cody fell out with Omega and the Bucks. Certainly, their visions differed. The Elite proceeded with their textured, continuing story, where Cody successfully rebooted, in effect, classic territorial storytelling. Both sides have maintained that there was no acrimonious fall-out, although, if you look for it, there is evidence to the contrary. Then again, that's what tends to happen when you look.

Cody all but disappeared from Being The Elite, and on one of the few episodes he did appear, he sheepishly asked Nick Jackson - who edits it - not to cut him out. Also: after 2019, Cody didn't share a ring once with either of the three men. A byproduct of Khan's rotating cast philosophy?

Or something more sinister?

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