10 Most Gothic Pro Wrestlers Ever

These guys and gals most certainly go bump in the night...

Wrestling is an industry which fascinates people of all backgrounds, beliefs and colours. A broad, simple statement for sure, but one that's nonetheless truthful and accurate - when it comes down to it, pro wrestling is a business that suits all different shapes and sizes. Going further, there are many sub-cultures which follow wrestling, and many different demographics to meet. Perhaps for this reason, the medium has always tried to portray a wide cast of characters, casting the net wide to find something that generally appeals to everybody. Goth culture is perfect for professional wrestling. There's something that many folks find pretty creepy about the movement, one which is credited as beginning in the early-80's in England. That may be true for the music scene, but the fact is the term 'Goth' can be traced back to Medieval times, maybe even further. As pertains to pro wrestling, there have been many wrestlers which have used the makeup and visual imagery associated with being Goth, something which fascinates some and horrifies others. For this reason, a lot of 'Gothic' wrestlers have played heel, although there is something people find cool about the whole look. This list explores 10 of the biggest examples of wrestlers who have used Gothic imagery or costume to make a splash.

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