10 Most Gothic Pro Wrestlers Ever

3. Sting

Make no mistake about it, the original bleach-blonde 'surfer' Sting character couldn't have been any less Goth had it tried. That said, when the man would retreat into the shadows and re-imagine his entire look, Sting started to get more and more Gothic in appeal. Lurking in the background, cutting a moping figure is something many people associate with those who follow Goth culture, and even though Steve Borden based his new persona on Brandon Lee's movie 'The Crow', it felt wholly fresh in WCW of the mid-90's. In essence, a character such as Sting's was exactly what was needed to combat the evil nWo. Eventually, Sting would become more of a unique character, relying less on the stoic mannerisms of before, but even today in WWE fans are seeing hints of what it used to be. Hardly saying a word, yet letting his actions do the talking, and relying on 'magical' tricks involving lights and fear, Sting is still very much Gothic at heart.

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