10 Most Gothic Pro Wrestlers Ever

2. Gangrel/The Brood

Edge may have went on to become the 'Rated-R-Superstar', but his roots were firmly as a Gothic character, even before he'd help form 'The Brood' with Gangrel and Christian. It's actually surprising that WWE didn't try to reprise some form of this faction when the Twilight movies were a huge hit, as it could have been successful, but the idea would be dead and buried by the year 2000. Gangrel was yet another vampire in wrestling, but David Heath was very convincing in the role, aided by his spectacular fire-laden entrance and the fact he'd spit 'blood' in the air after drinking it from a chalice. When the lights went out, and the arena was bathed only in a swirling red glow, fans knew there was a 'Blood Bath' coming, one of the more visually exciting aspects of the group. Dressed in attire most folks attribute to the Goth scene helped proceedings, but the trio were equally proficient once the bell started ringing, all being capable wrestlers in their own right. Initially feuding with The Undertaker and his 'Ministry', Gangrel and his minions would eventually join forces with the darkness.

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