10 Most Important Questions Facing WWE In 2015

10. €œWho Is Our Next Top Guy?€

John Cena has been meticulously constructed to be the star of the €˜PG Era€™ and, for the most part, he is. He draws reasonably well, he works insanely hard and he€™s a company man, through and through. Unlike previous WWE megastars, he€™s unlikely to leave for a rival company, retire for Hollywood fame, burnout and go home, refuse to lose when instructed to, or indulge in too many backstage €˜prima donna€™ moments. That said, Cena€™s potential as a main event talent is thoroughly maxed out now. He will never be a bigger star than he is right now and he will never draw any more than he already has. He€™s always going to be at a level just below the company€™s all-time megastars. That isn€™t to trash him, just to state an inconvenient fact. Cena has been at the top of the WWE for over a decade now, which is a fact worthy of our respect, no matter what you might think of him overall. He has made A LOT of money for the Family McMahon and he has an army of young fans, eager to buy his merch and cheer him on, at every opportunity. What needs to happen now though, is the creation of a new number one; the search should be on for the next icon of this era. WWE needs to move the big belt away from Cena and stop him being the focal point for the entire company. As it stands, Cena is responsible for far too much right now anyway, which is unfair because he only appeals to one, or maybe two sectors of the overall audience. John Cena, instead of being the company€™s one major star, should now be sharing the limelight with other, fresher performers. So, how can WWE make the stars of tomorrow? Simple, look to yesterday...
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