10 Most Improved Wrestlers Of 2023

8. The Gunns

Julia Hart most improved

To be fair, the Gunns' entrance alone marks them out as one of the coolest things in all of wrestling in 2023. But away from that, Austin and Colten Gunn have had a fantastic year that's seen them go from a dullard heel tag team as part of the Firm, to a charismatic, capable tandem in Bullet Club Gold.

For all involved, the Firm just didn't work, but that time did at least see the Gunns win the AEW Tag Team Titles, defeating the Acclaimed for those belts in February. It wasn't until the middle of the year, though, that the Ass Boys really came into their own when they aligned with Jay White and Juice Robinson.

As part of Bullet Club Gold, Austin and Colten have been afforded more promo time to showcase their natural charisma and exceptional trash-talking; whether that's as hyena-like background players to a Switchblade promo, or as cocksure dirtbags when afforded their own mic time.

In terms of in-ring, the Gunns have become one of the most dependable teams in AEW, having been part of plentiful stellar outings involving the likes of FTR, the Young Bucks, CM Punk, Ricky Starks, Lucha Bros., and the aforementioned Acclaimed.

All in all, Gunns are very much up for these second-generation stars.

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