10 Most Infamous WarGames Wrestling Controversies

Controversial cutaways, last-minute change-ups, and more infamous WarGames occurrences.

Vince Russo WCW WarGames 2000

In what looks like simply his latest attempt to pump some new life into a long-standing WWE concept that has become increasingly dull and borderline painful in recent times, Triple H announced a few weeks ago that this year's Survivor Series would be kissing goodbye to all things Brand Supremacy.

Instead of the contrived Raw vs. SmackDown (and sometimes vs. NXT) b*ll*cks that has occupied the consistently limp big-four PLE over the last few years, fans will be gifted with the main roster debut of the legendary WarGames structure - or at least WWE's version of Dusty Rhodes' American Dream - with two of said bouts being driven by storylines rather than the colours of a wrestler's show.

But, with such a hellacious and iconic structure was always bound to come a boatload of controversy and drama in the years since its shocking debut back in 1987. And said infamous clashes and heated debates sometimes centred around the action not even going down within the double dose of steel itself!

From WWE's show dedicated to the much-loved concept bringing with it a ton of real-life disputes, to those more shocking moments to have actually played out on the double-ringed battlefield, these are just a number of controversial WarGames occurrences to keep in mind before the intimidating cage make its welcome return to TV screens later this year.

10. That Time WWE Previously Got WarGames Cold Feet

Vince Russo WCW WarGames 2000

Though this year will represent the first time WWE have officially welcomed the WarGames structure onto main roster programming, there was actually a moment in time almost a decade earlier when it looked as though Dusty Rhodes' brainchild was on the cusp of making its debut at Battleground 2013.

As recalled by The American Dream's own son, though, former WWE Chairman Vince McMahon and the company as a whole decided to back out of unleashing the grand cage of chaos on their audience at the last-minute, much to the disappointment of Cody Rhodes in particular.

Speaking to Ring Rust Radio (via Cageside Seats), The American Nightmare would note how his battle alongside brother Dustin, in his Goldust guise, against The Shield was originally planned to go down within their father's iconic concept.

Yet, the excuse of "it takes up too much ticket space" soon proved too awkward an obstacle to overcome for some in the back and the bout was swiftly changed up to tag encounter instead.

With the gruelling contest now making its presence known at the upcoming Survivor Series, could Cody finally realise his "what if" of competing in his father's formidable match-type in the not too distant future?


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