10 Most Influential British Wrestlers Ever (According To An American)

Who knows British wrestling better than an American? Also, spoiler Alert: Lord Alfred Hayes is #1.


WWE is doing record profits, but attendance and viewership are in the toilet. New Japan is gaining notoriety with every passing year, but has yet to make any really big international moves. And both promotions pale in comparison to the passion and buzz that have surrounded the UK wrestling scene over the last year or so.

Between Revolution Pro Wrestling, Progress, Fight Club Pro, Insane Championship Wrestling, WhatCulture Pro Wrestling, and other promotions, the UK feels like the place to be for wrestling fans. It's fresh, exciting, and new superstars are emerging on a damn-near weekly basis. Pete Dunne, Will Ospreay, Zack Sabre Jr., Wolfgang, and Jimmy Havoc are just a few of the talents that have become household names in other countries in the last year.

But that doesn't mean British wrestling hasn't been influencing the business as a whole before now. WWE may not have had a British world champion -- at least yet -- but it's coming.

And although many Americans missed out on World of Sport during its most fruitful years, there's no denying that British wrestlers past and present have made their mark. So here is one American fan's take on influential British wrestlers. Let the debate begin.


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