10 Most Insanely Popular TNA Matches Ever

9. Ultimate X Match (Bound For Glory 2009)

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See? It's not all bad!

Originating in 2003, the Ultimate X match remains TNA's greatest innovation. Comprised of two steel cables placed diagonally across the ring to form a red 'X', the concept took on a new life following its July 2021 return. Gone were the inconsequential, unending attempts at scuffling across the cables and in their place stood genuine jaw-dropping spots atypical of how the LOLTNA naysayers describe the current product.

Such spots were rare in historical appearances of the stipulation. Bound For Glory 2009 housed at least one noteworthy example - the infamous Suicide and Christopher Daniels fall from the cables - that left you with one of two thoughts or, if you're a sadist, both:-

1. Jesus Christ, are they dead?

2. Pro wrestling is so cool, man.

The spot wasn't polished; Daniels appeared to be preparing for a Flatliner-esque manoeuvre before gravity had its way with both he and Frankie Kazarian under the Suicide guise. Polished it needn't be, though. The spot was timeless, ethereal, and striking, a palpable reminder of the danger surrounding the alluring look of Ultimate X.

8 million viewers have seen the match, but how many in its entirety vs. how many rewinding the footage to that ugly/stunning spot? You decide.

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