10 Most Memorable WWE Raw Moments From 1998

The momentum continues in another incredibly strong year for Monday Night Raw.

Fresh off of the creative momentum that the WWF saw in 1997, the company had a lot to prove in 1998. They needed to prove the previous year wasn't a fluke, and they had to build on said momentum to try and bridge the gap between Raw's ratings and the numbers that WCW's Monday Nitro was bringing in every week. Nitro was still on fire, as well, as the rise of Goldberg was a huge story, so the WWF couldn't afford to slip up. "Stone Cold" Steve Austin was still on his quest to dominate the wrestling world. Degeneration X was still pushing all the boundaries they could. Coming off of the Montreal Screwjob, Vince's Mr. McMahon character was, perhaps, the biggest heel in the business. The Rock, Triple H, The Undertaker, Kane, Mankind and more were all helping to round out one of the biggest and best rosters the sport has ever seen at one time. All the pieces were in place for the WWF to achieve greatness, but they needed some memorable moments to go with all of those pieces to make it a truly successful year. It was another tough list to put together, but these are the top ten most memorable moments that Monday Night Raw delivered to wrestling fans during the 1998 calendar year. Let's see how long it takes everyone to notice the obvious trend here.

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