10 Most Misused Wrestlers In WWE History

Wrestlers who were way too good for what they were given.

Some wrestlers in WWE have been given characters that worked perfectly for them. The Undertaker has excelled in his role as an undead mortician, Yokozuna became a main-eventer as an evil Japanese sumo wrestler and The Million Dollar Man did well for himself as an egocentric millionaire.

Those are the lucky ones.

Others weren't so fortunate. For example, wouldn’t Brodus Clay likely have been better off had he not been cast as a overweight dancing man? Would Tensai have had better luck if he hadn’t been pushed as a pseudo-Japanese man? Sadly, they are far from the worst of it. Other wrestlers with more talent were completely wasted by the company, because they were pushed in roles not suited for them.

It often seemed so obvious to fans how a certain talent should be portrayed, but WWE creative is often left clueless on what to do. Because of that, a lot of promising careers were damaged, costing the company a lot of money.

For this list, we’re going to attempt to avoid people that were simply underutilized like a Shelton Benjamin, Tazz, Raven, etc. and focus more on people that were given a bit of a push...just pushed completely the wrong way.

Here are the 10 most misused wrestlers in WWE history.


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