10 Most Notorious WWE Squash Matches

The other guy just shouldn't have even bothered showing up.

Squash matches have been a staple part of professional wrestling for a number of decades now. And though they may not always be the most popular type of booking technique, when executed correctly squash matches can be a hugely effective storytelling tool. But first, let€™s go back to basics. What exactly constitutes a squash match? In a word; dominance. The prime objective of a squash match is to assert a wrestler€™s unequivocal superiority over his or her opponent. Typically, this is achieved by the victor going over in a matter of mere seconds, with little to no resistance offered by the victim. Of course, there have been instances of squash matches lasting rather longer, but that hasn€™t made them any less overwhelmingly one-sided. Either way, the crux of an effective squash match is that it leaves us in little doubt as to who the most dominant performer is. But as effective a tool as squash matches can be, they€™re not always pulled off to perfection. As is often the case in pro wrestling, the good typically comes with the bad. With this in mind, this article looks back at some of the best€”and worst€”squash matches of all time as we count down 10 of the most notorious squashes in WWE history.

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