10 Most Notorious WWE Squash Matches

10. Brock Lesnar vs. Zach Gowen - SmackDown 2003

We begin this list with a somewhat unusual entry. The record books will tell us that in August 2003, Zach Gowen actually scored a victory over the indomitable Brock Lesnar in a time of two minutes and three seconds. But sometimes the record books don€™t always tell us the entire story€”in this instance, it was in fact the victor who was the one being squashed. The match itself involved little action, with Lesnar hitting Gowen with a vicious triple powerbomb before being disqualified for an equally savage chair shot. What followed was one of the most brutal post-match beat-downs that we€™ve ever seen in the WWE€”and it all went down right in front of Gowen€™s on looking mother. As tough as it was to watch at times, this was actually pretty smart booking from the WWE. It was barbaric segments like this€”rather than the usual 10-second squashes€”that helped establish the Beast Incarnate as the unstoppable monster that we€™ve come to know and love.

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