10 Most Overused Moves In Wrestling Today

How many Superkicks, dives, and Canadian Destroyers can you stomach?

Rey Mysterio Canadian Destroyer

Wrestling fans are always yearning for something more.

The landscape and quality of the sport have had to evolve to satisfy our changing tastes, without discarding what was already appealing. This means that previously protected finishers no longer have the same impact. These moves are now regularly kicked out of and are most often performed due to inspiration or as a tribute. Art is stealing, after all.

That the moves are listed here isn't to suggest that they ought to be banned or that they are ineffective: that's another subject entirely. Most of them are executed flawlessly and, when not spammed in every other match, are highly entertaining.

Some of the problems lie in the logic behind their set up and when exactly they are performed. What were once famed and devastating signatures have now had their values diminished due to frequently being kicked out of or no sold. They don't feel special anymore. Every competent wrestler has the ability to do them, which doesn't mean they should. There are a handful of holds and hits that some wrestlers just don't suit doing, yet they still do it anyway...

10. The Spanish Fly

Rey Mysterio Canadian Destroyer

The Spanish Fly made a resurgence a few years ago and was prominent feature in main event matches when 205 Live had the likes of Mustafa Ali, Buddy Murphy and Cedric Alexander on its roster. The move quickly translated over to the main brands as we saw not one, but two of them in the opening contests at WrestleMania 34. Firstly, in the tournament final for the Cruiserweight championship between Ali and Alexander, then two matches later in an anticipated showdown, pitting Charlotte Flair against, a then undefeated, Asuka.

Whilst both positioned on the top turnbuckle, or any kind of platform, the attacking wrestler hooks onto their opponent and launches backwards to perform a side slam moonsault.

Yes, it is graceful and pleasing on the eye, but there are two glaring issues. It never results in the end of a match and once you look past the soaring beauty of it, logically, it is the instigator who suffers the uglier landing.


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