10 Most Popular WWE Moments On YouTube

Turns out everyone digs kissing, blood and The Great Khali...

WWE's official YouTube channel currently has 36,022,581 subscribers at time of writing. Other stats worth mentioning include literally hundreds of videos and a colossal 27,984,326,605 views across the thing. That's right, they can brag about 27 billion content views, and the company would push into the top 5 most subscribed channels if they could someday match 5-Minute Craft's 39 million.

Despite all that success and the lure of more, WWE don't direct fans to their official YouTube channel as much as they could. In between endless talk of what's trending on Twitter, it'd be easy for them to stick in a brief hype piece for something happening on the video service, or perhaps draw people's attention to the wealth of content already on there.

It doesn't really happen on flagship programming like Raw or SmackDown, which is a pity.

That's also probably why there isn't one video from the past two years in the top 10 most popular moments. Not the wording there. Moments, not matches. There's no actual wrestling on this list, or compilation vids; instead, it's made up of individual promos, brawls, shocks and debuts...


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