10 Most Popular WWE Moments On YouTube

10. Hell In A Cell 2011 Arrests (48m)

...and arrests. Arrests are fun.

Shortly before Hell In A Cell 2011, The Miz and R-Truth were fired by Triple H as part of a storyline that saw the COO lose control of his roster. Following the pay-per-view's main event (a Triple Threat Cell match between Alberto Del Rio, John Cena and CM Punk), both men appeared out of nowhere to beat the living crap out of Cena, Punk, the referees, cameramen and everyone around them.

It was an exciting end to the show, and the card ended with Triple H scrapping with Miz and Truth as they were led away by New Orleans boys in blue. Instead of capitalising on this chaos, WWE tempered it by writing John Laurinaitis to reinstate them around a week later. Oops.

Currently, this clip has 48,381,379 million views on YouTube. That's a hell of a lot for an angle that didn't really lead to anything. It only existed so 'The Awesome Truth' had some credibility heading into their Survivor Series job to The Rock and Cena.


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