10 Most Powerful Wrestlers In WCPW

Wrestling's about many things, but this list is about sheer brute strength.

Trent Seven Vs Johnny Moss
Trent Seven vs Johnny Moss

One of the most exciting things about being a part of WCPW is seeing wrestlers of all different styles clash in the ring. From high-flying daredevils such as El Ligero and Will Ospreay, to wizards of British technical wrestling like Zack Sabre Junior and Marty Scurll, we've seen all kinds of competitors step into our squared circle.

However, as impressive as more nuanced or agile styles are, sometimes there's nothing that quite matches the visceral thrill of watching one man pound another into dust - or hoist him halfway across the ring with the greatest of ease.

WCPW may not quite be the land of giants, as we really do pride ourselves on bringing the best wrestlers in the world under one roof, regardless of size or style - but we've certainly seen our fair share of imposing powerhouses. From locker room stalwarts there since the first show, such as Rampage and Primate, to newer favourites like Moose ("Moose!, Moose!, Moose!," etc.), let's take a look at the most powerful men ever to set foot in a WCPW ring - including one or two yet to make their debut...

10. Matt Riddle

Trent Seven Vs Johnny Moss
Oli Sander / The Ringside Perspective

Matt Riddle perhaps isn’t the most obvious candidate for a strongman on the roster, but his power is more evident in his fearsome strikes. Probably the best striker WCPW has ever seen, Riddle channels his strength and UFC-honed technique into kicks, punches, slaps, and elbows - as seen in his clashes with Cody Rhodes, Marty Scurll, Will Ospreay, and others.

Every time a wrestler is booked in a match with Riddle, they know they're in for a fight. Voted 2016's Rookie of the Year by the Wrestling Observer Newsletter, the future is certainly bright for the former MMA stud. It's unclear when we'll next see him in a WCPW ring, but rest assured, sparks (and fists) are sure to fly.

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