10 Most Powerful Wrestlers In WCPW

9. Tyler Bate

Trent Seven Vs Johnny Moss
Tyler Bate vs Liam Slater

Most of the wrestlers mentioned in this list are, by its very nature, big, hulking guys. Tyler Bate defies that, a man small in stature, but with immense strength. His Moustache Mountain tag team alongside Trent Seven was one of the most popular, if short-lived, in WCPW history, and Tyler’s defining moment was perhaps his airplane spin on both Johnny Moss and Liam Slater at True Legacy. It’s easy to see why he went on to become the first ever WWE UK Champion.

Unfortunately, it's not clear whether we'll see Bate in a WCPW ring again - but he qualifies for this list by virtue of being a part of WWE'S UK division, and a continuing fixture on the UK independent scene, as opposed to the regular NXT roster. Rest assured, were we including NXT superstars in general, inaugural WCPW Champion Big Damo would certainly be on here.

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