10 Most Prestigious Wrestling Tournaments Of All Time

An simple but effective way to create the superstars of tomorrow.

Tournaments are one of the most common events seen in wrestling; after all, there€™s nothing easier than bringing together a large number of athletes under the banner of one competition to determine which one of them is the best. Some tournaments are held on a regular basis, and this signifies that a booking idea is both popular with the fans, and is a good mechanism for building new stars and presenting exciting matches. At the same time, there have also been some tournaments that only occurred once or twice and still managed to etch their way into wrestling history. Sometimes, one-off tournaments can be booked so well that they don€™t have to be repeated. Those matches and storylines take on a life of their own and become must-see moments for years to come. The subsequent pages will delve into the ten most prestigious tournaments in wrestling history. They are ranked based on different factors: tournament history (i.e. one-time occurrence or regularly used), booking of the matches, the outcome of the tournament and its consequences and, most importantly, the overall quality of the matches that took place as part of the tournament itself. Tournaments are perfect vehicles for taking multiple wrestlers and testing new match-ups for the future. Sometimes they can yield excellent results, while on other occasions they don€™t work out. For the ten tournaments on this list, the results were overwhelmingly positive.
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