10 Most Punchable Faces In Wrestling Today

We don't condone fan violence. But if anyone deserves it...

Austin Theory Jeff Hardy
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In just about no other business in the world could “punchability” be a skill that you might list on your resume.

For the majority of industries, generating in others a desire to spark you out would make you a liability, to say the least, and in most fields downright unemployable.

In wrestling, though, having a persona - or just a face - that makes others want to wallop you can be your meal ticket. In the modern business, the good guy/bad guy dynamic is often a little blurred amongst fans. There are many performers who can say or do the most appalling things to elicit some heat, but for whatever reason, the crowd still cheers their name and buys their merch.

So when you find those workers who can create actual outrage in crowds, it’s golden. Fans pay to see them get battered, wishing they could dole out the abuse themselves.

Then there are those working in wrestling who aren’t necessarily heels, but who have something about them that nonetheless makes you feel punchy. Whether it’s deliberate or inadvertent, deserved or otherwise, these pro wrestling personalities just have it coming...

10. Matt Jackson

Austin Theory Jeff Hardy

Any member of The Elite could slot in here nicely. They’re a heel faction comprised mostly of A-grade wrestlers who the fans love, but they’re so good at playing the entitled, arrogant baddies that they can draw effective heat, especially when paired with the right babyface (Bryan Danielson and Jungle Boy, to name two recent examples).

All the same, you’d love to smack almost any of them. We’re plumping for Matt Jackson primarily because of his smirk, a lopsided, aggravating thing of true beauty. When combined with his squint and his utterly ridiculous wardrobe (a trait shared with his ever so slightly less annoying brother), his is a face in dire need of a slap.

There are wrestling fans who hate the Young Bucks simply because of their flawed perception as spot monkeys. While there are forms of wrestling for all tastes, we respectfully suggest that these people simply don’t like fun. No, in-ring, there’s nothing we’d want to change about the Bucks.

Catch Matt outside doing that stupid thing with his mouth, though, and there’d be some fireworks.


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