10 Most Radical WWE Character Transformations Of The Past 10 Years

Can you even imagine asking for a hug now?


In less than 10 years, a certain 'Stunning' Hollywood Blonde named Steve metamorphosed into a Stone Cold, beer-swilling SOB whose top draw antics rebooted an entire industry. He flaunted a few rings along the way. Great times.

Transformations tend to come around for the following reasons: When a wrestler has a bucket load of potential but hasn't found their true character calling yet, when a well-established gimmick has stayed its course for such a length that a breath of fresh air is needed, or when creative loses its damn mind and throws in a baffling curveball, mostly to the detriment of the performer.

The industry's truly classic transformations may have gone down several decades ago at this stage, but the last ten years have heralded some interesting changes too. As NXT has served as a spinal column for WWE talent since 2010, it's no surprise that many on this list began life in that brand, and with a very different personality.

The resulting transitions may range from contentious to inevitable, but it's always intriguing to scroll back through the network archives and dig out those comparatively uncharacteristic origin stories

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