10 Most Random WWE Appearances

9. You Remember LOD 2000, But What About LOD 2003?

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Remember that time Jim Cornette fantasy booked WrestleMania X8, and it sucked?

Is there a more egotistical match ever booked, in fantasy or in reality, than Cornette's 'Battle of the Thrillseekers' between Chris Jericho and Lance Storm?

Because that's what the largest audience of the year wanted to see: a coming together of a tag team known only to fans of Smoky Mountain Wrestling which while very good at its peak was a regional Cornette vanity project that had shuttered seven years before 'Mania X8 happened.

Triple H did make Adam Cole and Johnny Gargano redo his Bad Blood 2004 masturbation session in 2019, mind, so there's competition.

As part of his WrestleMania card, Cornette also booked a WWF Vs. WCW World Tag Team title match between the Road Warriors and the Dudley Boyz. What a terrible idea. The Dudleys were finished in 2001.

The Road Warriors of course were past it well before that, as anybody watching in 1998 knew. One of the best limited acts ever, when their explosiveness deserted them, Hawk and Animal had nothing left. They couldn't even get by on their presence.

Five years later, Cornette wanted them at 'Mania. Six years later in the real world, the Legion of Doom turned back up on Raw in 2003 on a one-off, and it did not go well. They did a three minute job to World Tag Team champions Kane and Rob Van Dam, but that is only what the records show; probably because he never could help himself, Road Warrior Hawk kicked out of the Five Star frog splash at 3.1 and barely sold its effects.

Not exactly what you're after for a decisive unification match.


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