10 Most Repeated WWE Storylines

9. Corrupt Officiating

Austin McMahon Gun

Never trust a man in stripes. Especially when he's a WWE official.

Although the role of a referee calls for strict impartiality, WWE loves turning this idea on its head by thrusting corrupt officials into the company's major storylines. Because it's not like there's another wrestler out there who could use the TV time. No way Jose.

WWE's Golden Age featured memorable angles involving 'Dangerous' Danny Davis and Earl Hebner helping their heel allies secure tainted victories and championship gold. In the case of Davis, he dined out on his fallen referee status for years, winning a six-man tag team match with the Hart Foundation at WrestleMania III and advancing to the 1987 King of the Ring semi-finals. Half the roster would kill for a push like that today.

But Davis and Hebner's successful angles set a dangerous precedent for WWE, prompting the company to continually rehash the corrupt official storyline, much to the audience's dismay.

Rather than a vehicle for intrigue or suspense, the concept of the corrupt official has become WWE's poor booking fail-safe. Don't want your undefeated monster losing clean to your merchandise-pushing world champion? Easy. Have the referee nail your monster square in the !*$%. Problem solved?

And modern examples like Nick Patrick favouring The Alliance and Brad Maddox low blowing Ryback prove WWE is only going to keep revisiting this storyline for years to come. Heaven help us.

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