10 Most Revealing Wrestling Shoot Videos On YouTube

Did the "Big Valbowski" live up to his nickname?

Bret Hart Shoot

The death of kayfabe has had a seismic impact on the wrestling industry.

Wrestling can no longer operate under the pretence that it is real; accordingly, the nuance of the art form has been largely lost. We know that, in most cases, wrestlers embroiled in onscreen feuds are often quite pally behind the curtain, which undermines the very premise of the industry.

The toll this has had on the matches themselves is also somewhat detrimental; without the luxury of kayfabe, modern day wrestlers often feel they have to cram tonnes of often damaging content into their matches as an equaliser for the lack of inherent crowd heat.

The death of kayfabe, however, has at least given rise to the shoot interview.

The shoot interview is an odd beast. Sometimes smacking of desperation, the best entries in the canon are nonetheless fascinating given the revealing glimpse they provide into the often amazing backstage machinations of the business and the personal lives behind wrestling's larger than life personas, which were previously the stuff of word-of-mouth legend.

Referring to "Shoot Videos" and not "Shoot Interviews" in the title is a deliberate choice - restricting this list to that format would have disqualified perhaps the most infamous shoot of all...


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