10 Most Ridiculous WWE Booking Decisions Of 'The New Era'

As usual, WWE continues to find success in spite of itself...

Becky Lynch Summerslam 2021

Half a decade ago, WWE started something they called 'The New Era'. The aim of this soft reboot? To bring forth a new wave of stars, matches, and storylines to the company's weekly television, building to exciting blow-offs at the monthly pay-per-views. So far, it has not exactly gone to plan.

While they have done a great many things which have improved on the much-maligned PG Era - NXT's rise to third-brand level, Roman Reigns finally embracing the dark side, Ronda Rousey and Becky Lynch headlining WrestleMania (with Charlotte Flair, but still) - this is still WWE we're talking about.

Far from a fresh reset, there have already been more than enough booking decisions in The New Era's five-year lifespan which left us scratching our heads until our brains hurt.

10. Hell In A Cell 2018

Becky Lynch Summerslam 2021

Since the advent of the PG Era, gimmick matches like Hell In A Cell have become much harder to pull off. Given the stipulation's violent and bloody history, WWE has had a tough time replicating the drama and stakes of the Attitude Era Cell clashes.

However, the creative team didn't help themselves in 2018, booking Braun Strowman vs. Roman Reigns to finish with a no contest. First came the unnecessary schmozz of Seth Rollins and Dean Ambrose battling Drew McIntyre and Dolph Ziggler on top of the cell. Some say Ambrose and McIntyre are still fighting up there, and that Jon Moxley and the present-day Scottish Warrior are holograms.

The unwanted distractions weren't over yet, though as Brock Lesnar, sporting a beard that would unknowingly tease his SummerSlam 2021 return as everyone's favourite Viking, tore the cell door from its hinges, attacked guest referee Mick Foley before going after both Reigns and Strowman and... the show went off the air. Lame.

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