10 Most Shocking Vince McMahon Moments

Where do we even begin...


Vince McMahon is capable of ludicrous things, and we know this. He's also one of the most entertaining figures in the entire wrestling world, as well as one of the most powerful. With these factors combined, we've been lucky enough to see some truly crazy moments with the most powerful man in professional wrestling as the centrepiece.

I'd like to briefly point out that we'll be limiting this list to in-ring moments involving Vince (or Mr. McMahon, to give his kayfabe name, I guess). If we were including backstage stories, shoot interview rumours, and general day-to-day Vinnie Mac shenanigans, I'm not sure where we'd begin. The man was angered by the very concept of a burrito.

Despite not actually being a wrestler (although he's had numerous entertaining matches), Vince manages to squeeze every drop of melodrama and ridiculousness out of most situations. He is truly one of the most entertaining, unbelievable figures in the industry - and with him returning to SmackDown Live tomorrow night, it's only right to relive some of the weirdest memories.

Most people think Vince will fire Shane, setting up a Hell in a Cell clash with Kevin Owens with his job on the line. Others reckon he'll just outright book the match himself. Personally, I wouldn't be surprised if he inserted himself into the bout and went over. That's just the kind of guy he is; now let's remind ourselves why.

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